About The Product

Vehicle lighting is crucial for safety and communication. Headlights can become dull and start to dim. Pollutants, debris and ultraviolet rays cause oxidization of headlights giving them a hazy and discolored appearance. This can affect your vision while driving especially at night or during rainy conditions. The color and brightness of the headlight matter and these should be given attention to prevent road accidents.

Developed in 2014 by Clear Lights Tech USA, Headlight restore wipes offer the newest technology in restoring headlights to its original shine. It removes the cloudiness of the headlights providing a brand new look without damaging the headlights. It also provides a UV protection layer to assure long lasting effect. Application of the product does not require any specific skills and can be easily carried out by anyone in just 2 minutes at very affordable cost.

*Note: Read the instructions at the back of the packaging before proceeding with the process. Headlight Restore Wipes is already established in the United States and is currently offered in big company chains such as Walmart. It has also started to make its name internationally such as in Argentina, Canada, Germany, Portugal and UAE. Now, we are bringing the product to the Philippines.

Prevent Accidents

Foggy, dull headlights are a danger on the road to yourself, other drivers & pedestrians as they limit light output which affects vision for night driving & driving in poor weather conditions.

Improve Vehicle Appearance

Oxidised, yellow headlights affect the appearance, safety and the resale value of your vehicle. Let Headlight Restore repair your headlights to as new again.

Replacement Headlight Alternative

Buying replacement headlights can cost you hundreds even thousands of pesos. Why buy new when this kit can restore your existing headlights from just 550 php? Save money and get guaranteed lasting results with Headlight Restore.